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About 3dverse

Our experience working in the 3D industry has shown us that building, collaborating on, and deploying 3D content at scale is painful.

We’ve decided to transform the 3D content creation process by building a cloud-based real-time 3D engine that enables the creation of collaborative and device-agnostic 3D experiences. The result - 3D assets live in the cloud and 3D environments are interconnected and build upon each other allowing endless composition possibilities.

We know this is ambitious, but the potential is huge. We’re having a blast tackling challenging problems in the real-time networking, 3D, and cloud infrastructure spaces.

Our team of 12 is almost entirely technical and we have lots of experience and diverse areas of expertise. Our stack is a combination of C++, Typescript and a sprinkle of Go.

Our office is in the heart of Montreal, and we offer a hybrid office/home culture, and standard benefits, like healthcare, flexible vacation time, equity, etc.

Our Mission

We want to unlock the full capabilities of our engine, so we’ve taken the first step and created a web-based collaborative 3D viewer built on top of it. We’re looking for someone to help us with the user-facing aspect of the product.

For that we’ll need you to

  • Have extensive experience building web apps in JS/TS with React.
  • Have a solid understanding of networking and web performance trade-offs.
  • Know your way around relational databases (specifically Postgres).
  • Experience in 3D is a plus (Unity, three.js, etc.)

What we’re looking for

  • You’re a builder, and you have code and projects to show for it. You love the tools, the craft, the tech behind it all. You care about code quality and doing things well.
  • A product mindset. You have opinions about design, UX and how to build products people love to use.
  • Mid-level to senior experience level (we’re open). We’re here to help each other out and guide you when needed but we love people who can dig deep into problems and figure things out on their own.
  • You’re curious and love to get out of your comfort zone. The problem you don’t know how to solve should be more appealing than the one you do know.

Hiring process

  1. Tell us (or better yet, show us), what you’ve worked on and what your interests are.
  2. After getting to know you, we’ll send a short sample work challenge, followed by a technical discussion.
  3. And then you will meet the co-founders.

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