The web-based 3D viewer that will change the way you work.

It empowers everyone to collaborate in real-time on large 3D models with no upload limits.

Key features

  • Customize high quality environments

    Manipulate camera settings and define materials & textures that result in a high quality 3D scene & rendering.

  • Set project permissions

    Keep your IP protected on the cloud making sure it's never downloaded locally. Manage who has access to your project at all times.

  • Add feedback & comments directly on your 3D model

    Comment, reply and view threads in real-time right on your 3D model - engaging with your collaborators instantly. Duo Towers

Use cases

  • AEC

    Removes the need for teams and clients to download or buy specific software to view 3D models immediately. Results in increased productivity and client satisfaction.

  • 3D Studios

    Allows collaborators to comment on 3D models directly without exchanging emails or PDFs - say goodbye to file source sharing and versioning issues.

  • Automotive & Manufacturing

    Validate designs and products efficiently all on the web. Give access to all stakeholders during the 3D design review process - no matter where they are in the world.

  • Capture

    Upload large 3D files and open projects on any device with just a live link. A client doesn't need to download or buy specific software to view the 3D model - boosts productivity and surpasses client expectations.


How much does it cost to use 3dverse Collaborate?

3dverse Collaborate is entirely free during the alpha phase! Feel free to share projects with your collaborators without worrying about pricing.

Will my data or IP ever be shared?

One of our core features is that your 3D data and IP will remain protected at all times. Only you will decide with whom you share your projects. Your 3D data will never be downloaded and will remain on the cloud.

How can I give feedback?

We are still in our alpha phase. If you encounter a bug or want to let us know about features you would like just send us an email at

Which file formats & extensions does the tool support?

We support FBX OBJ GLTF STL IFC and DAE for 3D models & JPG JPEG PNG TGA DDS TIFF for textures. If your format is not on the list, just let us know at

Can I buy 3D models on 3dverse Collaborate?

3dverse Collaborate is a web-based 3D viewer. For the moment, we do not act as a marketplace for 3D models.

Where can I find tutorials about 3dverse Collaborate?

Follow us on social media and Youtube for all tutorials (@3dverse). We will also send emails periodically with updates and how-tos.

Youtube Tutorials
Are you hiring?

3dverse is always on the lookout for talent. As we continue to grow, so is our team. Feel free to send us an intro email

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