Enhancing Visual Engagement and Metadata Integration of IFC File Formats

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry often grapples with challenges related to performance, accessibility, and interoperability of existing technologies. These challenges can impede efficiency and collaboration in projects, making it essential to find innovative solutions that address these limitations.

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The 3dverse team developed an IFC Demo in just a few weeks to showcase the capabilities of 3dverse’s platform in overcoming these industry challenges. This demo particularly focused on real-time 3D visualization, data accessibility, and interoperability. Traditional IFC files have long been criticized for being cumbersome to handle, lacking operational insights, and being static formats that are difficult to use as a basis for digital twins.

Solution & Key Features

  1. Real-Time 3D Visualization and Data Accessibility

    • Access on Any Device: 3dverse solutions are accessible on any device, including AR, VR, and tablets, facilitating real-time collaboration for anyone interacting with the digital twins.

    • Real-Time Visualization: Visualize data in real-time 3D, transforming complex information into intuitive and engaging 3D models.

  2. Integration and Interoperability

    • Multiple Formats Support: Visualize and extract properties from multiple IFC files and integrate various 3D formats seamlessly.

    • Building Storey Filtering: Filter and navigate through building storeys with ease.

    • Room and Zone Navigation: Navigate through rooms/zones and display surfaces efficiently.

    • Smart Controls Integration: Integrate smart controls, including IoT devices, to enable seamless communication between the digital and physical worlds.

    • System Interoperability: Ensure interoperability with connections and data exchange between different systems and APIs.

  3. Advanced Visualization Features

    • Energy Consumption Visualization: Visualize energy consumption data to enhance sustainability and efficiency.

    • Element Animation: Animate elements like door openings, applicable to various parts of the digital twin (e.g., animating a valve).

  4. Collaborative Tools

    • Real-Time Collaboration: Facilitate real-time collaboration by inviting collaborators via their phones, enhancing teamwork and project coordination.


By implementing 3dverse’s platform solutions, the AEC industry can significantly enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve project collaboration. The advanced visualization capabilities and seamless interoperability provided by 3dverse enable stakeholders to make informed decisions quickly and effectively, ultimately driving better project outcomes.

Access the IFC Demo

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