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Distributed 3D Content Collaboration Platform.

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  • cloud_upload


    Most popular 3D file format: Industry CAD design, BIM design, Medical Dicom format, obj, fbx and lots more.

    Protected workspace: Source data never reaches end devices, only views and interactions are streamed.

  • devices


    Large data file management and 3D visualization computed on Cloud GPU.

    Multi-device support: AR/Mobile/Web.

    No installation required.

  • people_outline


    Invite up to 10 users, co-workers or customers to join your 3D session from anywhere on the planet.

    Interact altogether with the scene, everyone sees the result instantly.

    Share the same view point or navigate freely.

Collaborative Design Reviews : upload your model, share the link, review the design.

    Industry (CAD / BIM)
  • CAD Design Review

    Review the design, explode the models in parts, view different plane cuts and more.

    Faster prototyping.

  • Retail Store Layout Review

    Navigate through the store, move furniture, change lighting and more.

  • Architects and Interior designers

    Share and review your design proposal with customers.

    View the models in AR on your phone.

Culture and Science : Share and Preserve.

    Culture and Science
  • Museums

    Use medical scanner images to make virtual excavation of mummies.

    Use photogrametry to reconstruct and vizualize your artefacts.

    Share your discoveries.

  • Monuments

    Use photogrametry to reconstruct monuments and visualize them on 3DVerse.

    Share the monuments during their restoration.

  • World heritage

    Scan your site then visualize it in high definition.

Animal World : Visualize and train.

    Animal World
  • Zoo Veterinaries

    Visualize animals CT-scans and collaborate with your peers on rare cases.

  • Pet Veterinaries

    Show the owner a 3D view of their animal CT-Scan, so they understand how you can help.

  • Train

    Train vetenerian students by working simultaneously on a CT-scan case.

    Our partners

    • Pixyz

      Prepares CAD or BIM models for review.