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Hybrid work model with opportunities to work from home and from our Montreal office

Position Overview:

Join our dynamic team in Montreal as a Backend Developer and play a pivotal role in crafting the backbone of our advanced 3D development platform. You will be instrumental for developing and maintaining scalable, high-performance applications that meet the needs of our evolving platform. Your role involves a collaborative synergy with our cross-functional team, pushing the envelope with innovative technologies to shape the future of real-time 3D.

Your main responsibilities:

· Develop and maintain back-end components using mainly TypeScript and Node.js

· Design and implement database schemas and queries using SQL (MySQL), Graph (Neo4j) and NoSQL (RethinkDB) databases

· Optimize application performance for peak speed and scalability while ensuring efficient utilization of resources.

· Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and best practices

Your core competencies:

· Proficient in designing and implementing scalable software architectures for distributed systems, leveraging technologies such as TypeScript, Node.js, and cloud-native solutions.

· Experience with database technologies

· Familiarity with OpenAPI and spec-first API development

· Solid understanding of backend development principles and best practices

· Excellent problem-solving and communication skills

· Effective communicator with a collaborative spirit, open to giving and receiving constructive feedback.

You might also have:

· Experience with other programming languages (Golang, C++, C#, etc...)

· Familiarity with Cloud-Native solutions (e.g. Kubernetes, Azure, GCP, AWS, etc...)

· Understanding of containerization technologies

· Interest in asynchronous architectures built around Kafka

The perks of working for 3dverse

· Competitive Salary : Enjoy a competitive compensation package.

· Hybrid Work Setting: Experience the best of both worlds with our hybrid work model, including remote and in-office options in Montreal.

· Vacation Policy: Benefit from a flexible approach to enjoy time off

· Benefits of a small team : easy access to information and hands on approach to the every day

· Comprehensive Health & Dental Benefits.

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