Powering Abys Medical's FDA-Approved Surgiverse Online Surgical Suite


By harnessing the power of 3dverse's infrastructure and leveraging its deep domain expertise, Abys Medical has enabled surgeons to utilize this transformative, cloud-native software in real-time during surgical procedures. This partnership goes beyond simple technological advancements; it represents a significant leap forward in how these innovations improve patient care and outcomes.


The landscape of surgical planning and execution is fraught with challenges that significantly impacted the efficiency and safety of complex surgeries. Traditional surgical planning methods are time-consuming and require precision, collaboration, and flexibility to achieve optimal outcomes. This lack of accuracy and adaptability often increased risks and uncertainties during procedures costing the industry around 36 billion USD in preventable medical errors.

A critical limitation of existing tools was their inability to provide easy access to essential patient data, such as CT scans and MRIs, without local file downloads. Surgeons and medical teams found it cumbersome to access and share patient-specific information quickly, hindering the decision-making process and collaboration. Furthermore, there was no way to display voxels and meshes concurrently.

Moreover, the requirement to use bulky, on-premise 3D systems posed a significant challenge in hospitals' dynamic and sterile environments. These systems were complex to move, posed contamination risks, and were impractical for operating rooms.

Additionally, existing in-lab hardware solutions needed to be improved for pre-surgical planification and real-time collaboration. The inability to collaborate efficiently and visualize surgical plans in real-time further complicated the surgical process. This limitation could have been more problematic in complex procedures that required high levels of precision and coordination among the surgical team.

Application Key Features:

  • Integration of AI algorithms for advanced surgical planning and the rendering of complex 3D assets.

  • Creation of meshes from DICOM data, with capabilities to concurrently display these alongside voxels.-

Ability to share 3D images in real-time, enabling the simulation of every surgery stage, from initial viewing to the design of 3D implants.

Outcome & Impact:

Enhanced Surgical Precision and Flexibility:

The software's advanced features, such as AI-driven surgical planning and the ability to create and display complex 3D models from patient data, enabled surgeons to perform procedures with greater accuracy. This technology made it possible to visualize and manipulate detailed anatomical structures in real-time, significantly enhancing the quality of surgical outcomes. It also enabled the creation of custom made 3D implants.

Streamlined Surgical Planning and Execution:

Surgiverse streamlined the entire surgical process, from planning through execution. The software reduced preparation time and facilitated more effective team collaboration by allowing for the easy access and sharing of critical patient data without local downloads and by enabling the concurrent display of meshes and voxels in a 3D session. This efficiency saved valuable time and minimized the risks associated with complex surgeries.

Improved Collaboration and Accessibility:

The web-based nature of Surgiverse and its compatibility with various devices, including the Hololens 2, revolutionized how surgical teams collaborate. Surgeons could share 3D images in real-time, enhancing communication and decision-making processes during surgeries. This accessibility ensured that all team members, regardless of location, could contribute to the surgical planning and execution process, fostering a more collaborative and informed surgical environment.

By showcasing the potential of cloud-native 3D software in a critical field like surgery, 3dverse and Abys Medical have not just transformed surgical planning and execution ; they have also set a new benchmark for the industry. 3dverse's platform's success with Surgiverse demonstrates the transformative power of 3D visualization and cloud computing in healthcare, encouraging wider adoption and signalling a shift towards more innovative, efficient, and collaborative medical practices.

In essence, 3dverse's contribution through Surgiverse extends beyond technological innovation; it represents a paradigm shift in surgical planning and execution. The platform's benefits—ranging from enhanced precision and collaboration to superior data management and future growth potential—underscore 3dverse's vital role in reshaping the real-time 3D landscape.

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