X7926R Autonomous Self-Flying Taxi Drone Configurator

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Objective: To create an interactive web-based and collaborative 3D configurator that allows multiple users to customize and interact with the X7926R drone on any device- enhancing the buying experience and driving sales and conversion metrics.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Extended Reality (XR), the quest for more immersive, realistic, and interactive experiences is relentless. At the heart of this quest is the technology that powers these experiences — technology that not only defines the quality of the visualization and simulation but also the breadth of its application across industries. That’s why we are thrilled to announce a partnership with Prefixa, a leading XR Visualization & Simulation Lab, a partnership that is set to redefine the standards of immersive experiences. As a first project, Prefixa worked on a web-based 3D configurator of a luxury drone using the 3dverse platform.

The configurator needed to offer a visually engaging and technically accurate interface that could handle both static and dynamic data of the drone’s design and capabilities. By leveraging 3dverse’s robust real-time 3D rendering engine, the team developed a configurator that allows users to manipulate and customize the drone's appearance and features dynamically no matter the device (AR, VR , Desktop, Mobile, tablet)


Importance of Advanced 3D Configurators

Advancements in 3D configuration technology are reshaping how products are presented and experienced. By utilizing web based collaborative 3D configurators in their daily operations and sales funnel, businesses can reap several benefits:  

  • Enhanced Engagement: 3D configurators provide an immersive collaborative platform where multiple users can manipulate the drone in real-time on any device. This leads to positive impacts on Business Metrics.

  • Conversion Rates: Companies using the 3D technology reported a higher conversion rate than those employing traditional 2D displays.

  • Sales Increase: A sales boost of approximately was noted following the transition from 2D to 3D product visualizations.

Technical Development

The development of the configurator was undertaken by Prefixa over the course of four weeks by two developers.  The configurator incorporates features such as dynamic texture changes, real-time animation of moving parts, and interactive environmental settings, all rendered with high fidelity. These elements make the digital twin of the X7926R not just a static model but a vibrant, interactive entity that users can explore in depth.

  • Rendering and Environment: High-quality lighting and environments were set in place to render the drone more realistically. The objective was to set up an environment that mimicked high quality viewers. This was mostly done by manipulating mesh materials, lighting, and environmental effects. Lighting was integrated to effectively illuminate the scene and allow for realistic shadow casting.

  • Animation: the focus was on enhancing the user experience for a drone simulation by incorporating real-time animations. These animations were specifically designed to display the motion of the drone's blades and to realistically simulate its hovering capabilities. By enabling the animations in real-time, users could interactively see and feel the dynamics of the drone as it would behave in an actual flight scenario. This feature not only improved the visual appeal and realism of the simulation but also provided users with a more immersive and informative experience, helping them understand the drone's operational characteristics more effectively.

  • Configurable Elements: The Prefixa team implemented a variety of options that allowed users to personalize their experience. These included diverse color schemes, propeller choices, and dynamic hovering effects. This customization capability not only allowed users to tailor the product to their specific preferences but also deepened their interaction with its features and aesthetics.

In conclusion, our partnership with Prefixa and the utilization of the 3dverse platform has marked a significant milestone in the evolution of Extended Reality (XR) and Immersive Product experiences. Through the development of the X7926R Autonomous Self-Flying Taxi Drone configurator, we have not only advanced the boundaries of 3D visualization and interactivity but have also set new standards in user engagement and online product customization. This project demonstrates the powerful impact of integrating advanced 3D configurators into the digital marketplace. The success of this initiative underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled immersive experiences that resonate across industries and drive forward the future of digital interaction. This collaborative effort not only showcases our technological prowess but also reinforces our position at the forefront of innovative XR solutions, promising exciting possibilities for future ventures.

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