The cloud-native development platform for real-time 3D experiences

3dverse is engineered for businesses in search of real-time 3D solutions such as digital twins, smart infrastructures, product configurators, and medical viewers. Our platform is designed to streamline the development and delivery of multi-user 3D projects, enabling teams to transform ideas into immersive 3D experiences with unmatched speed and efficiency. By leveraging the power of the cloud, 3dverse allows creation across any device and drastically reduces the time to market by overcoming the traditional limitations imposed by hardware dependencies. It’s a platform where technology meets creativity, offering real-time collaboration, scalability, and security.

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ManufacturingArchitecture Engineering ConstructionHealthcare

Digital Twin Simulation for Manufacturing

Connect the physical world to the virtual world and integrate AI for data analysis and predictive maintenance.

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A digital twin of a packaging line that was developed in one day using the 3dverse Platform

Leverage the power of cloud-based digital twins to visualize and simulate real machines, production chains, and factories. Enhance your digital twins with dynamic animation and physics simulations and integrate AI for predictive maintenance to streamline maintenance processes. Eliminate the need for costly and logistically challenging physical interventions, offering a smarter, more efficient way to manage and optimize your operations.

  • AI Integration

  • Animation System

  • Physics Simulation

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Smart Infrastructures

Gain actionable insights by integrating a digital twin of your infrastructure and visualizing your data online.

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Create a 3D project with IFC model support with smart controls & IoT integrations for infrastructure workflows and data visualization

Build software to monitor, control, and optimize data management and infrastructure operations through Building Information Modeling (BIM)-enhanced data exchange and visualization, bridging the gap between digital and physical infrastructures for optimized workflows.

  • Data Management & Visualization

  • IoT Integration

  • IFC File Format Support

Cloud-Based Healthcare

Transform and optimize patient care with real-time, cloud-based 3D visualization and AI-driven planning.

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FDA-Approved Surgiverse Software

Integrate AI algorithms to enhance surgical planning and 3D rendering and create meshes displayed with voxels. Additionally, share 3D images in real-time to simulate every surgery stage and design 3D implants to improve planning and execution.

  • Display Meshes and Voxels

  • Share 3D images in real-time

  • Integrate AI

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